Mobilith SHC 220




Mobilith SHC 220

When applications and processes require extremely high operating temperatures, Mobilith SHC 220 is a superior performance grease that has been designed for this very purpose. A lithium-based thickener is combined with synthetic lubricants to supply the best features of each in one product.

The lubricant’s formula is wax-free, which makes for low traction coefficients, as well as increased stability and protective properties. This grease is a popular choice because it is reliable, stable and versatile as well as offering a very high performance.

This outstanding lubricant product offers many unique features and benefits, as follows.

Elevated performance at all temperatures

This lubricant is suitable for use in a very broad range of temperature conditions, and in low torque operations, where it will still retain its outstanding levels of protection and allow for a simple start-up.

Increased protection

Mobilith SHC 220 contains additives that offer excellent levels of protection against wear, corrosion, rust and oxidation. Equipment and machinery therefore performs to a higher level and for longer, and requires less down time for repair and maintenance.

Structurally stable

This grease remains highly stable even when used where high water levels exist, which ensures a great, stable performance.

Lower volatility

Use of this product can mean extended intervals between lubrication of equipment parts and components, and can also improve bearing life. This is because there is less increase in volatility, even when in use at elevated temperatures.

Key applications

Mobilith SHC 220 is a multi-purpose product that can be used with other mineral oil lubricants, though combining it with other oils could decrease its performance level.

This is an extreme pressure lubricant that is tailor made for use with heavy duty equipment and applications. It performs best at temperatures between 40 – 150 ℃.

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