Petronas Arbor Super Monogrades




PETRONAS Arbor Super Monogrades are monograde oils dedicated for use in vehicles used in the agricultural and construction industries that have diesel engines. They are designed to help combat corrosion and wear.

This superior-quality monograde oil is suited for use in a wide range of older construction and agricultural diesel engine applications, but also in high-revolution turbocharged engines running on diesel.

Arbor Super Monograde from PETRONAS provides many benefits to the operations employing it. It can deliver enhanced piston cleanliness by minimising sludge deposits and other unwanted build ups while protecting diesel engines from premature wear. It has been designed to help disperse soot, a common issue with diesel engines and, as a result, reduces any soot induced oil thickening to maintain optimum viscosity during operation. It also offers excellent levels of TBN retention that help effectively neutralise the acidic by-products created during the combustion process.

For outstanding lubricants that you can trust on for your agricultural enterprise, purchase PETRONAS diesel engine oils from us here at Oil Store today.

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10W CE, 40 CE

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20L, 200L