Petronas Arbor Super Multigrades




PETRONAS Arbor Super Multigrade is a superior-quality engine oil designed to answer the needs of machinery for the agricultural construction sectors. It can ensure machine efficiency and offer a longer active service life by defending against oxidation, wear and decomposition and maintaining optimal levels of viscosity stability and piston cleanliness. As a result, it is an excellent solution for equipment undertaking intense daily work providing machinery with protection from productivity loss and periods of unplanned downtime.

As a premium engine oil, this lubricant is ideal for every type of heavy-duty diesel application. This includes high-output, modern, low-emission engines that re-fitted with emission control systems using EGR and SCR technology. It also works perfectly with old and new naturally aspirated and turbocharged diesel engines that run on high or ultra-low biodiesel, along with sulphur diesel.

Arbor Super Multigrade by PETRONAS provides numerous operator and enterprise benefits. It can maintain optimal viscosity levels, allowing it to deliver maximum lubrication to avoid unplanned breakdowns that reduce machine availability, incur maintenance costs and result in productivity loss. They can also save time and money for firms thanks to their longer drain interval and extended engine life. This is achieved by the oil’s outstanding control of deposit build ups that help deliver optimum performance levels for engines.

Super Multigrade also reduces acidity levels that can lead to corrosion, helping engines remain durable and enjoy a longer lifespan. It offers a longer oil drain capability, specifically for low-emission-type engines. Its other useful capabilities include effectively combatting a high concentration of soot build up, which is critical to stop any loss of horsepower and excellent low temperature viscosity for enhanced lubrication at start-up.

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15W-40 CF-4, 20W-50 CF-4

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4 x 5L, 20L, 200L