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The PETRONAS Circula SYN Series of circulating oils offers supreme anti-wear performance, having been designed for use in circulating systems that operate in conditions ranging from typical to exceptionally heavy duty.

This series uses a formulation of synthetic base oils combined with advanced additives to prevent rust, wear, oxidisation and foam. Indeed, even under the most challenging operating conditions, the PETRONAS Circula SYN circulating oils deliver exceptional wear protection while resisting the formation of sludge and providing superb water separability. Together with a high level of oxidation and thermal stability, they can perform effectively for more than four times longer than products that only meet the minimum requirements of ISO 11158 HV.

Recommended applications for the circulating oils in the PETRONAS Circula SYN Series include circulating systems connected with bearings in paper machine dryers, enclosed gear drives, winders, calendars and sizeable journal and anti-friction bearings. Please note, however, that the series is unsuitable for use in applications with worm, hypoid or spiral bevel gears.

The PETRONAS Circula SYN Series brings a number of benefits. It boasts an excellent level of compatibility with most metal alloys, elastomers and seals, thus avoiding reliability issues caused by unwanted reactions and preventing oil from leaking or becoming contaminated through compromised seals. An excellent level of wear protection also helps enhance equipment longevity by preventing components from experiencing excessive wear, even at low temperatures following a cold start.

The oils also provide an excellent level of internal cleanliness for circulating systems by keeping them free from sludge and preventing rust from forming by impeding corrosion from occurring when water is present. They also further protect systems against the harmful effects of water thanks to their exceptional water separability, thus helping to maintain the efficiency of circulating systems and prevent avoidable maintenance.

Finally, exceptional levels of oxidation and thermal stability mean that performance levels are maintained even under high pressures and temperatures, and oil drains are needed less often.

Advanced synthetic lubricants like the PETRONAS Circula SYN Series of circulating oils can often bring tangible benefits. If you have any technical questions or just want to enquire about stock, please get in touch with our friendly Oil Store team.

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