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The Petronas Gear MEP Series is made up of high-quality industrial gear oils developed specially for a wide range of enclosed gears operating under both heavy-duty and normal conditions. These oils are formulated with carefully selected premium mineral base oils and additives to deliver extreme pressure (EP), anti-wear, antioxidant, anti-foam and anti-rust attributes. As a result, they offer smoother operation in gear drives and long-lasting performance.

Petronas Gear MEP Series oils meet and exceed important original equipment manufacturer requirements and industrial specifications. These gear oils are recommended for use in several applications. These include a variety of enclosed industrial gear types with splash and circulation lubrication systems that must operate with bulk oil temperatures as high as 110°C. They are also suited to gears drives working under heavy loads and those sensitive to sludge formation. Additionally, they can serve shaft couplings, plain bearings operating under heavy loads and at slow speeds, among other non-gear applications.

These advanced gear oils offer many benefits to operators and equipment. Offering exceptional EP protection, they provide long-lasting gear life and performance even when gear drives are severely loaded. They are also able to protect machine parts from excessive wear, promoting equipment life.

Their excellent oxidation and thermal stability allows them to maintain superior performance at high pressure and temperatures, along with longer drain intervals. These oils also promote system cleanliness, protecting against sludge build-up and corrosive forces caused by the proximity of water. Additionally, their exceptional water separability defends them from water-based degenerative effects. This maintains efficient systems and reduces maintenance costs.

These gear oils have outstanding multi-metal compatibility and are also compatible with most elastomers and seals, preventing contamination and oil leaks and promoting trouble-free operation.

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MEP 68, MEP 100, MEP 150, MEP 220, MEP 320, MEP 460, MEP 680

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