Petronas Hydraulic Oils (ISO VG 10 – 150)



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The PETRONAS Hydraulic Oils series is made up of superior performance and anti-wear hydraulic fluids that have been specially developed for an extensive range of industrial plant and mobile hydraulic machinery that must operate under either heavy-duty or normal conditions.

They are formulated with high-quality selection of base oils that have been enhanced with an advanced additives pack that has antioxidant, anti-wear, anti-foam and anti-rust properties. PETRONAS hydraulic fluids also deliver smooth operation in hydraulic systems, high levels of anti-wear protection and longer lasting performance (more than three times).

The fluids in this range meet and exceed the main industrial specifications and requirements of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Outstanding hydraulic fluids, this series recommended for multiple applications. These include various industrial and mobile hydraulic systems that are operating under conditions that range between heavy duty to normal, along with those hydraulic systems that demand high-quality anti-wearing fluids.

Conditionally, these fluids may also be employed in splash, circulation, ring and bath oiling systems that feed lubricants to bearings and gears. However, users should consult their OEM manual prior to application. For any applications where an anti-wear and premium performance hydraulic fluids is required, the PLUS series from PETRONAS is recommended.

This series of hydraulic fluids from PETRONAS offers a wide range of benefits. They can ensure equipment remain protected during colds starts and that equipment is protected from wear, extending the active service life of components. They can maintain high filter efficiency, increasing filter lifespan and maintain performance level due to their high oxidation and thermal stability. This also enables longer drain intervals. Other qualities include exceptional corrosion and rust protection, multi metal compatibility and water separability.

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Viscosity Grade

ISO VG 10, ISO VG 15, ISO VG 22, ISO VG 32, ISO VG 46, ISO VG 68, ISO VG 100, ISO VG 150

Pack Size

20L, 208L