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Q8 Haydn 32-2

The range of Haydn products from trusted oil supplier Q8 comprises a selection of top-quality hydraulic oils with impressive anti-wear characteristics. The range is highly recommended for applications where great filterability and anti-wear qualities are required, such as machine tool hydraulic and robotics systems. These are industries requiring the very best lubricant quality, with just the right consistency.

Q8 Haydn 32-2 meets and may even exceed the stringent filterability requirements that are demanded by modern systems – as well as customer expectations. The oil was developed from a high-quality base stock, to which a specifically chosen set of ingredients has been added. The most modern low-zinc technology was used in the lubricant’s development, and this ensures a superlative performance – whether operating conditions are wet or dry.

Product features and benefits

A number of advantages separate this product from other similar oils on the market, including the following properties.

Fuss-free operation

A key feature of Q8 Haydn lubricants is their resistance to the formation of deposits and sludge. This results in a reduced build-up of the corrosives that can accumulate around machine components. The formula is also highly resistant to foaming. Consequentially, equipment enjoys a longer operating life and requires less maintenance and repair, because the issues that cause wear are minimal.

Prolonged life

The product’s long life is due to elevated levels of thermal and oxidation stability. This lubricant is therefore perfect for use with high temperature procedures.


This product is may also be used with certain other kinds of industrial equipment. These include screw-air compressors as well as less severe loading gear systems.

Key applications

This lubricant’s main intended purpose is to oil those hydraulic systems requiring anti-wear and filterability properties. In addition, it may also be used with lesser loading gears or screw-air compressor systems.

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