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What is commercial vehicle oil?

From lubricant designed for classic and passenger cars to those developed with transmissions in mind, there is an extensive array of automotive oils now available. Today’s cutting-edge vehicle oils have been specifically created to cope with the demands of the work this transportation must perform.

Commercial vehicle oil delivers the much-needed lubrication required for larger vehicles, such as those transporting heavy goods across the continent or multiple passenger carriers including coaches ferrying large numbers of people from place to place. They are also used to ensure off-highway equipment used by contractors keeps running effectively. Due to the jobs they do, these large and heavy-duty vehicles must often carry considerable weight, cross vast distances, and operate in some of the most demanding conditions.

High-quality commercial vehicle oils are available at reliable stockists, created by market leaders for lubricants including Morris, Mobil, Shell, Q8 and Fuchs. While some are designed for specific vehicles or engines, others are more versatile and can be used on a wider range of transport.

The main functions of commercial vehicle oil

Alike oil developed for any other vehicle or piece of machinery, the type designed for commercial vehicles has several basic functions. As the oil feeds through the commercial vehicle, it lubricates its moving parts simultaneously, reducing friction and cooling them, allowing them to work at maximum performance. While enhancing movement, the oils also seal the parts, protecting them as it cleans the vehicle’s internal workings, collecting any dirt, debris or rust that may be accumulating.

Built-for-purpose solutions

Commercial vehicle oils have been specially formulated to cope with the demanding requirements of larger transports, from trucks and car carriers to multi-passenger busses. With the needs of the enterprises who operate them in focus, oil manufacturers have developed oils that allow companies to get the most from their fleet.

Put simply, using a premium-quality commercial vehicle oil can save both money and time. For example, when a vehicle’s engine parts are running smoothly and working at optimum level, it won’t require as much fuel to get to its destination. Machinery that is well-lubricated is also less likely to breakdown, which means no expensive disruptions to service while costly repairs take place.

Commercial vehicle oils have also been produced to enhance the lifespan of transportation, which means that the businesses operating them can get a solid return on their investment as they won’t need to replace members of their fleet as frequently.

Designed to be dependable

Vehicles that rack up high annual mileages have their needs answered by commercial vehicle oils. Whether passenger or cargo-carriers, large transports covering long distances must be reliable and this specially formulated oil is the key. Developed to minimise wear and tear on extended journeys, commercial vehicle oil also protects against the elements and the natural world, from fighting rust, oxidisation and corrosion to dealing with obstructions, debris and sludge deposits that build up over time on the road. These oils have also been designed with special additives to perform in harsher environments with extreme temperatures, making them ideal for larger vehicles that must travel far on longer roads.

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