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What is Mobil Unirex N3 used for?

Electric motor

Mobil Unirex greases are high-quality products suitable for use at elevated temperatures in rolling element bearings. These lithium complex lubricants can be used for a variety of industrial applications; in particular they are ideal for lubricating for electric motors.

Unirex N3 is a grease with an NLGI No. 3 consistency grade. This Mobil product is often used within specific applications like electric motor bearings that are permanently sealed or vertically mounted, as well as extreme speed applications. These greases are not, however, suited to use in those conditions of extreme pressure that would normally require additional anti-welding characteristics.
Mobil Unirex N3 has a solvent-refined mineral oil base, and the formula includes a tailor made lithium complex thickener. This grease complies with Lubricating Grease DIN 51825 – K3N – 20L and ISO L-XBDHA 3.

Mobil Unirex N3 features and benefits

A range of key features and benefits make Mobil Unirex N3 a favoured product within industry. Some of the main advantages of its use can be outlined as follows.

Superb performance at elevated temperatures

Mobil Unirex N3 has been formulated to include a lithium-complex thickener. This offers resistance to the running out and softening of bearings that can occur. As a result of this unique feature, the grease is capable of operating to an exceptional standard, even where temperatures may reach a maximum of 190°C.

Low-temperature performance

This grease doesn’t only offer an impressive performance in high temperatures: Mobil Unirex N3 can also deliver superb results when used in low temperature operations. This particularly applies to cold start-up, as the lubricant may be used when the temperature reaches as low as -20°C. The reduced temperature torque requirements of DIN 51825 are therefore capably met where this grease is used.

Resistance to corrosives, water and deposit formation

The lubricant offers superlative resistance to aqueous matter as well as corrosives. This leads to far lower levels of water washout. Bearings are also protected against corrosion, plus they are safeguarded against deposit and sludge build-up. The effect of this is a reduction in machine downtime for maintenance and repair, which can lead to savings in terms of cost as well as time.

Prolonged lubricant life

Rigorous testing has shown Mobil Unirex N3 to provide an exceptional level of continuous lubrication. This applies even where bearing temperatures reach up to a maximum of 140°C. This has been proven by means of a series of bearing rig tests.

Suitability for high-speed applications

Specific characteristics of this grease are put to use during high-speed applications, where it has proved to be an outstanding performance product. A typical example is applications that utilise deep groove ball bearings. Mobil Unirex 3 is also the perfect grease to use when more than 360,000 bearing diameter X rotations occur per minute.

Key applications

Mobil Unirex N3’s key recommended application is electric-motor lubrication. However, the incredible versatility of this grease makes it useable for a range of applications, especially in industrial environments. This lubricant can also be highly effective when used, for example, in conjunction with vertically mounted and sealed-for-life bearing systems.

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